A multi-purpose solution for:

  • disinfection;
  • maintenance;
  • cleaning;
  • moisturizing and
  • lubrication of your contact lenses.

What is the Primary Purpose of the Lens Solution?

The primary purpose of the Proculin LENS Travel Pack contact lens solution is to clean the lenses by removing the protein and fat deposits accumulated on the lenses, from the tear film. The solution also disinfects the lenses, ensuring the least possible presence of harmful microorganisms on the very surface of the lenses, making them more comfortable to wear.

This multi-purpose solution contains hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that is in fact found in the tear film, and maintains its stability. It also reduces the iris sensitivity and therefore Proculin LENS Travel Pack is recommended for sensitive eyes.

Irregular and frequent use of contact lenses

As follows:

  • inserting the lenses with dirty hands;
  • using the lenses after the expiry date;
  • not removing the solution which was previously in the lens case;
  • exposing the contact lenses to water;
  • transferring the lens solution from one case to another.

A frequent use of contact lenses may cause:

  • change of the tear film stability;
  • increased sensitivity and irritation of the iris.

Proculin LENS Travel pack may minimize these symptoms or completely prevent them.

Manner of Use

  • 1.Clean and dry hands carefully.
  • 2.Remove the lenses and rinse each side with small amount of solution while holding them in the palm. Repeat rinsing.
  • 3.Pour the solution over the lenses in the adequate case chambers and close the case.
  • 4.Disinfect the lenses by leaving them in the solution for minimum four hours or, even better, over night.
  • 5.Gently shake the case.
  • 6.Lenses are ready to use.
  • 7.Remove the solution and close the case.

Antibacterial lens case

A free antibacterial lens case, whose specific composition prevents the presence and growth of bacteria and fungi in the solution thus guaranteeing purity of the lenses, is also included in the Proculin LENS Travel Pack. It contains a combination of propylene and silver metal ions, which ensure antibacterial effect each time the case is refilled with Proculin LENS Travel Pack solution.


Proculin LENS Travel Pack is available in a 100 ml economic and practical packing, suitable for travelling.

Manner of Issuance

Proculin LENS Travel Pack is a medicinal product that may be issued without a prescription in all pharmacies.